Looking Forward To 2017

For the past decade, when January rolled around, I could look ahead into the new year and know something big was heading my way.  Every new year held changes in the works be it moves, college, marriage, career, life abroad, move, baby #1, move, career/promotion, opting for SAM status, move, baby #2, job, adoption.


Last January my husband and I sat down to talk about goals for the new year. Now as 2016 comes to a close I am astonished to see how far those goals have come.  Of course the #1 goal was to complete Angelina and Roman’s adoption.  Our #2 goal was to prioritize healthy habits including sleep, exercise, healthy eating and portion control.  Thanks to that focus I am entering the new year down a clothing size and my husband needs shirts with wider sleeves because of his effective body weight workout program. My #3 goal was having the house in order. This goal is going to roll over into 2017 as a work in progress but with the looping housekeeping approach at any given time of any given day I feel that the house is tidy and presentable, which is a big deal given how much living goes on within these walls.

In no particular order, here are the things I hope to focus on in 2017:

  • Spend time with our children in positive, nurturing, joyful ways. This doesn’t just mean finger painting and eating bonbons all day (though I’m sure bonbons or eclairs or cream puffs will find their way into paint smeared fingers at some point), nurturing for me means nurturing independence. So it will be a year for chore charts, new responsibilities, new ABILITIES!
  • Reading. Like many bloggers, I’m an introvert who enjoys reading, but with children constantly verting all day every day for years, I’ve been running on cognitive fumes for ages.  Just this month I stumbled across a blog called Modern Mrs. Darcy and was immediately taken with her “choose your own reading adventure” 2017 Reading Challenge.  I signed up, received the print off in my email, and decided to go with the “put the oomph back in your reading life” adventure. Since then I’ve been perusing books in my mental library, dredging up titles long forgotten, books I’d love to read again, and books I’ve always hoped to read.  It just so happens I joined a facebook book club around the same time. It seems like my life is ready for reading once again – yipeeee! My plan is to stick with my early wake up time of 4:15am to get in a solid hour or two of reading before momming takes over.  It’s a desperate times calls for desperate measures kind of measure, but I need to read and there is no other time of the day that is reliably available and quiet.
  • Focus on this blog, not on facebook. I’ve been blogging for a few years now and feel like I’ve found my voice and certainly have a passion.  I don’t expect to make money off my content (that seems to have been a thing for blogs started in the early days of blogging way back in 2008), but I do hope to continue to advocate for orphans, support families in the adoption process, and share a glimpse of what the throes of post-adoption life looks like here at Heath&Home.
  • See where my embroidered babushkas can go and what good they can accomplish along the way.  This was an unexpected part of 2016, a little gift after a year of so much change, and I’m delighted to have unlocked my love for free-flowing hand embroidery.


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