Consumed By Words

Remember back in 2016 when I set a couple goals for 2017? One of them was to read more. There was no measurement as to what “more” was, but honestly by that point in life reading ANYTHING would have counted as more because my reading habit had all but dried up.

I started reading this darling blog called Modern Mrs. Darcy and signed up for her reading challenge. A few of her book reviews were too good to pass up so I ordered a couple used books on Amazon thinking they would be a good starting point.

At the same time I joined a book club on facebook.

And then my side of the family got together for our Epiphany gathering (this is when we do our feasting and gift exchanging) and I came home with an assortment of new books including a fabulous new Regency era fantasy. Be still my heart.

I began to read one book, and then another, and then another. By the time January 11th rolled around I had inhaled 8 books and could hardly be bothered with minor details like eating and sleeping.

Ah yes, now I remember why I cut out reading.

While I think I am consuming words, I am actually being consumed.

I remember on the last day of school during middle school and high school, I would head straight to the library and check out as many books as I could carry because now I had time to read all the things I couldn’t when classes and homework dictated my time. I would stay up all night for a night or two just reading reading reading. I would feel my brain wake up from the stupor of school as I swam through words that spanned the oceans, soared through the stars, and delved into human nature.  Oh those were the days!  But I really can’t live like that now with little people depending on me for every basic need.

With that in mind, I’m revising my 2017 reading goal: Balance daily responsibilities with reading by reading no more than one (or two short) books a week.

And since you’re dying to know, these are the books I’ve read so far:

You Learn By Living: Eleven Keys For A More Fulfilling Life – Eleanor Roosevelt. This is a short, tidy book, packed with wisdom. My used copy is a 50th edition but the truths she shares apply directly to today’s world which I believe speaks to the universal truth of her statements. I knew next to nothing about this incredible lady before starting her book but will now be on the look-out for a biography or two about her life.

Design Mom: How to Live With Kids: A Room By Room Guide – Gabrielle Stanley Blair.  As a mom of 6, this design mom has fantastic, practical, delightful ideas for how to create an inviting home for all members of the family.  She doesn’t throw out brand names, she encourages you to work with what you have, and she cherishes family spending time together. It was with an new eye that I looked at our living/family room and created this little reading nook out of items we already had throughout the house. I love when you can read a book and apply it to your immediate life.



I Trust When Dark My Road (A Lutheran View Of Depression) – Todd A. Pepperkorn.  It’s common for Christian’s to say that mental health is a real issue, but when confronted with it in their own lives or the lives of people close to them, they fall back on a “you just need more faith” approach, as if clinical depression is a sign of weak faith. In this poignant book, Todd Pepperkorn, who is a Lutheran LCMS pastor, shares his story with his struggles with depression. It’s a hard book. It’s a hopeful book. It’s a book everyone would benefit from reading.

Glamourist Histories (5 Book Series) – Mary Robinette Kowal. My awesome older brother gave me the first 3 books in this series for Christmas. I have not enjoyed a series so much in all my life.  Strongly influenced by Jane Austen, Mary Kowal has written a riveting Regecny era fantasy series.  There is a bit of magic in the world but it is treated like an art form; accomplished young ladies learn to embroider, sing, play the pianoforte, and use glamour.  Not nearly as dark as the magic found in Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (another excellent book) these books have already been lent out to friends.


* The links I provide in this post are not affiliated, Amazon probably doesn’t even know I exist.


5 comments on “Consumed By Words

  1. Love your family’s reading corner! As a retired children’s librarian and incessant reader, I know the power of books to inform, enchant, uplift, and delight. Keep it up!

    • Thank you Susan! I have always loved children’s books and had quite a substantial collection years before we started having kids. I love seeing it put to good use every day!

  2. I have the same problem with binge reading! The nice thing about nursing an infant is that it gives me quiet time to read. . . as long as the toddler isn’t on the loose. “Design Mom” sounds like an interesting book. I’m not much for home decorating, but the practicality angle intrigues me. 🙂

    • Yes! I was skeptical about any home design book really being applicable to my current season of life but wow was I wrong! With 6-kid experience, the author was exceedingly practical but also had an eye for beautify so that you don’t walk into a house think “practical (which equals kinda institutional)” but instead think “homey”

  3. Your humor is the best😍😍😍 (*amazon doesn’t know I exist) and that house 😱😱😱 I have so very much to learn! Reading your blog is such a treat!

    I have the same reading struggle, alllll feast & famine! I like your goal – aspiring, poinent & lovely!

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