How February Became My Favorite Month

I’ve bellyached about February for years, so imagine my surprise when I was telling my husband about all the plans I have for February this year and how very much I am looking forward to this dreadful month!

Last year I rather unintentionally took a blogging break, I was just so busy doing stuff that I didn’t have time to blog! This year I am going to intentionally take a blogging break for the month of February to do these things that I love:

–  Cook oodles of authentic Indian and Thai food. Something about this season makes me crave limes, coconut, cilantro, thai basil, fish sauce, tamarind paste, palm sugar, lemongrass…mmmmmmm I’m drooling.  I rely on The 50 Great Curries of India by Camellia Punjabi; I’ve used my copy for years and believe it is the very best comprehensive book for people who want to cook Indian food.  Thanks to Amazon’s used book option, I am waiting on three, yes three, Thai cookbooks. Real Thai: The Best of Thailand’s Regional Cooking and Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen and True Thai: The Modern Art of Thai Cooking

– Party. I’m an INTJ, so fun usually means sitting in my room by myself and reading a book. But for February I’m going to invite friends over to eat loads of Indian and Thai food. A dear friend is hosting a Seed Swap party which is right up this garden nerd’s alley. My husband will turn 31 (goodness he’s practically ancient) And the girls and I will have cabin fever tea parties by the boatload.

-Throw stuff away. There is this pile of shhhhtuff in the basement. It ebbs and flows and seems to have its own gravitational pull and it drives me crazy. I feel like no matter how much I declutter and organize it, it always becomes a mess of rubbish. Instead of keeping whatever it is, I’m going to be giving it away by the van full!

-Finish something special. A few years ago I wrote about this during February. I’m SOOOOO CLOSE to finishing it, but I keep switching to other projects (babushka dolls. eater hats) and now I have even more motivation because I want to start the next blanket designed by Attic24  (Mooreland Blanket). While the Cosy Strip Blanket took me out of my comfort color pallet, the Mooreland blanket is made up of all my favorite colors and I can’t wait to work on it. I’ve imposed the rule that I need to finish the Cosy blanket before I start another blanket just because otherwise I’ll never finish anything.

cosy collage

-Jot down the good things. February 2nd is officially the half-way point for winter. Over at Modern Mrs. Darcy people will be sharing their “what’s saving your life right now” lists.  I may not go over and post my list, but I will certainly take extra thought into noticing the happy little details of the daily grind.

And that’s how February is going to roll. Instead of just making it through the longest (yeah i know it’s the shortest, but if feeeeeels long) month of the year, I’m going to do things I love every day and make my homey home even more snug and delightful.


2 comments on “How February Became My Favorite Month

  1. This is a BRILLIANT idea! Sometimes big projects just need to have a little nap while other beautiful bits of life get their time in the sun (or the snow as might be the case in WI). All your plans sound delightful. When you get back, you should tell us which curries you made – take pictures!

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