February’s Aftermath

The first three weeks of February were all that I had hoped they would be. I rocked my early morning routine, read books, played with my kids, kept up with meals, laundry, and other housekeeping, hung out with friends, prepared a feast. It was awesome.

Then we were hit with a stomach bug to end all stomach bugs and almost took 4 family members in for IV fluids (taking 1 tsp of electrolyte fluids every 5 minutes for two days came to our rescue). As our bodies were wracked, outside events led to us being spiritually battered as well. I feel like we just barely limped out of February and I’m praying that week will hopefully go down as the worst week of my life.

I had a scheduled post all set for yesterday. I wrote the rough draft for it weeks ago, and ended up scrapping it entirely because it felt like nothing I wrote a few weeks ago applied to my life today. ¬†Don’t worry, the kids are fine, our marriage is good, and even our health will recover. It is the spiritual scars that worry me the most.

We have friends praying for us, and goodness we appreciate the prayers; on days like today it feels like that is all that is sustaining us. ¬†Although we are not over the various illnesses (one kiddos starts antibiotics today, another just cropped up with a fever), for the first time in many days, I have been able to fully tidy the kitchen and living spaces and even took a moment to change a few February things out for March things. It’s amazing what a surprise tea towel, an un-earthed old collage, and lovely cup of tea can do for a home in upheaval.




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