My Gathering of Days

Tied in with the hardships of the past weeks there have been many blessings. We’ve lived off soup dropped off by a caring church member, I watched my children rise to new levels of empathy, and I received tangible tokens of prayers through the post from friends all over the country.  These are memories I want to cherish.

For years I kept a journal and I have filled the pages of many notebooks, but that habit has certainly been shelved for a few years now as I live through these days with young children.  While I like the idea of a bullet journal, and have read everything about it on the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog, something about it just isn’t quite right for my needs. Maybe it’s the hype of it all?  Maybe it’s part of my INTJ self?

Instead I use an Ink+Volt planner. Since the Spark Planner came out (was it a kickstarter thing, I don’t remember for sure) I’ve really liked the layout of the Undated Volt Planner with Notes. From the way it’s marketed, it seems like the target audience is professionals in a corporate setting, but this stay at home mom loves it!  Over the years the name has changed and now it’s called the Volt planner.


After going through 3 of the six-month planners, this year my husband and I ordered the full 2017 planner before they sold out. Sometimes I use the week exactly as it’s meant to be, sometimes a week goes by and is left totally blank (that was my last week of February), and sometimes the pages are packed so full of notes that the spill around the corners into the previous and following pages.

In addition to therapy and dr appointments, meal plans, housekeeping loop schedule, and kid’s medication details, this place has become where I gather my treasured thoughts, notes from friends, cute sayings from my kids. When this year is over, my ink+volt planner is going up on the shelf alongside my journals.  I tuck ideas in where I see some space. The inside front cover has a card with a Bible verse I keep in mind as I pursue our first year of homeschool. There is a kitchen layout picture that I ripped right out of a magazine and taped to a blank page right at the beginning, just in case I ever need to reference a kitchen design idea.  In one of the early weeks in the goal area I just wrote out as many dinner ideas as I could think of off the top of my head. Now whenever I am struggling with menu planning for a week, I flip back to that page because these are all tried and true recipes.  Oh and there is a poem about gardeners enduring winter.


This week was pretty blank. I had a couple notes like who had what fever when, fun stuff. But a flood of notes from friends totally transformed my week.  With the help of some washi tape, you can see my week is full of blessing.  And this afternoon, when I was cleaning up the lunch dishes, I glanced out the window and then jotted down one more note. March 3rd, 2017 – first sighting of a spring robin.

Change is in the air and a new season of life is around the bend.




4 comments on “My Gathering of Days

  1. Love this. Beautiful! (I think I covet your washi tape stash!) I use a 10+ year journal, since I find it impossible to write regular journal entries as I did my pre-kid days! One line each day, ten years. I’m on my fourth year and it is amazing to go back and see the things that happened on each day. Or to see weeks and weeks of blank space and remember some hard, dark times. It is important to write and document somehow. I love your method. Blessings!

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