Advocacy Updates

A lot has happened in the past maaaany months (approximately 17 months?) and I’d like to take a minute to share an update on the children I’ve advocated for on the blog.  Happily most of the updates are oh so wonderful!


Family Committed:

The most recent advocacy post published was Imagining Life With Carice, about a girly whose story caught my attention because her bio was similar to our Angelina’s.  It was a bit out of my comfort zone to share her story because she is in a country that I do not know much about and do not hear much about in the adoption community. Nevertheless, her story niggled my mind and I wrote a quick post hoping her family would read about her and realize their family was ready for this sweet tot.  To me, it did not feel like a very good blog post, it didn’t feel poignant and I didn’t share a picture (that country’s rule).  Imagine my surprise when a couple of people reached out to me asking more about what life with spina bifida could look like and I spent countless hours talking people through what our daily life looks like, resources, encouragement, prayer.  Sooner than I could believe, a family committed.  And I cried happy tears. Lots of happy tears. Oh, there goes a tear right now.



Maiya has been adopted.  She was adopted outside the adoption Reece’s Rainbow community. I wish her and her family the best wherever they are.

Dear Emmaline, the girl who clung to my hand on our last day at the orphanage and cried that she wanted a mama, now has a mom, dad, and siblings!  She is HOME and well!!!  Her mom is sharing pictures of various Ukrainian foods she has been making at home and I’m torn between asking for the recipe or inviting myself over!

Jasmine, the girl who called me mama (and broke my heart) is HOME and in a delightful, quirky family.  I’ve only met this family online, but I dearly wish we were neighbors so our kids could grow up together.

Will Without His Twin has been adopted as well.  His story is worth sharing all on its own another day. For now I will simply share the good news that he is home!

The “Yes They Are All Mine” family who adopted three sisters in 2016, went back and adopted two more sisters in 2017, bringing the grand total to 9 daughters in one family. That’s pretty awesome.  I love this family, they are yet another group of people I wish we could have over for tea parties and board games.

And Mandy is home with her huge happy family!

*After a child has been adopted, I do not share their new pictures unless I’ve received permission from the parents and let them review a rough draft.  It is a hard transition to make, from advocating and sharing about a child, to suddenly not talking about them or checking on updates, but it is oh so important to respect these families and their privacy.  Many of the names of these children have been changed; I continue to use the Reece’s Rainbow listed name (which is usually not their legal name anyways) because it’s easier to keep track of and because it is another private matter for the new families.


Still Waiting:

Donnie, the itty bitty boy I was able to snuggle for a few fleeting moments at Roman’s orphanage in the summer of 2016, is still waiting.  He is old enough to be transferred to an institution.  I dread seeing an updated picture of him with a contorted body and vacant expression.  He needs a family.


Bert, one of the first children I even advocated for, is still waiting.  His adoption grant is nearly $10,000.   Next month he will turn 10. He has spent all his life waiting for a family.



A Child Thought Lost Is Found:

This final update is quite unexpected. One of the hardest posts I’ve written was Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord.  I wrote it while we were in country adopting our two children in 2016.  News had been shared in the adoption community that three little boys had passed away while waiting. Their names were Judah, Cristoff, and Cameron.

Months later it came to light that there was a mix up and Cameron was, in fact, still alive and waiting!  I wish that I could say that only two children had died and one was alive, but three boys had died; Hector’s name replaced Cameron’s name in the quiet place.

Perhaps Cameron was transferred and during that transition his information got mixed up or lost so he was thought dead?

Cameron’s updated photo is devastating.  The twinkle is gone from his eye, his bright engaging body language has slumped into a forlorn void.  He was not dead, but lost, and although he has been found, I certainly fear we are losing him.


Please share his story. So much time has been lost, but all is not lost!


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