Baerbock Adoption Auction

3 years ago today, the Baerbock family announced that they had committed to adopting a little girl from the same country as our Angelina. The announcement stated that “God’s plans are not always our plans. But His plans are always perfect! He has a plan for this sweet girl – He has a plan for our family.”

Ahhhhhh hindsight. It’s awesome.  WHAT A PLAN GOD HAD IN STORE!!!

At the time of this announcement, there were 4 little Baerbocks. During the adoption process, a 5th biological Baerbock made his appearance. Then the Baerbock parents and newborn son traveled to Eastern Europe and returned home with their newly adopted daughter AND son.

Now, less than 3 years since completing the adoption, the Baerbock family is preparing to travel around the globe once more to hopefully bring home two biological brothers and an older girl.

In less than 3 years this family has gone from four kiddos to hopefully ten. God truly had an awesome plan for this family when He put adoption on their hearts. As a side note, I had been praying for the little girl they adopted and reading their family’s blog was one of the final influences on my own family committing to adoption and bringing home our children, a daughter AND a son.

They travel in early February and are quite a few $$$ short of the funds needed to make this massive undertaking. There is currently an auction going on in facebook land. You can visit it here: Baerbock Adoption Auction.

Among the listed items, you’ll see a familiar bit of handiwork, this precious babushka made by yours truly:





One comment on “Baerbock Adoption Auction

  1. […] I’ve kept up with my embroidery over the past year.  Much to my delight I found it to be an immensely satisfying past time.  It really began with the fundraiser for Donnie. Then near the end of 2017 we were facing some pretty hefty medical bills for Roman (I’m sure I’ll find time to tell you about that someday) and I turned to these babushkas to help pay off that debt.  Most recently I finished Little Lettie for an adoption auction fundraiser. […]

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