Bevy of Babushkas

What do you call a gathering of babushkas? Flock? Bundle? Quagmire? Symphony?

I like the idea of a knittery of babushkas, but knittery doesn’t appear to be a word.  Bother.

A Bother of Babushkas?

Since the English language failed to provide my preferred word, let us go with bevy.

Yes, a bevy of babushkas will do.

I’ve kept up with my embroidery over the past year.  Much to my delight I found it to be an immensely satisfying past time.  It really began with the fundraiser for Donnie. Then near the end of 2017 we were facing some pretty hefty medical bills for Roman (I’m sure I’ll find time to tell you about that someday) and I turned to these babushkas to help pay off that debt.  Most recently I finished Little Lettie for an adoption auction fundraiser.

While I do keep a facebook album to share progress and finished babushkas, I thought it would be fun to share some recent ones here as well.

A request for a book club led to my fingertips publishing company.  A great-grandmother received an angel while her two newborn great granddaughters were given itty bitty babushkas for their first Christmas.  This week I finished a set of three wise men for a friend’s three sons.  I loved the challenge! And the project gave me oodles of inspiration for making full nativities for next Christmas! Squeeeeeee

You may spy a few living ladies nestled among the felt.  I often bundle up while embroidering, living in a darling old farmhouse does come with its drafty challenges. My two oldest daughters have taken up embroidering a bit as well and little Kitty enjoys sitting in the sunshine playing house with some of the very first babushkas.



3 comments on “Bevy of Babushkas

    • Thank you Nancy! The most recent ones were helped along with friend’s requests. Ones like the cover picture with the snow and trees were made possible thanks to feedback and requests.

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