Winter Reprieve | Homeschool

We are currently in the middle of week 5 of our Simply Classical curriculum and all is well. If you note when we started this program, you may notice that we *should* be in the middle of week 6. The change of pace occurred quite unexpectedly when the SUN, of all things, decided to make a spontaneous appearance in our northern February doldrums. Sweet mustache, sunshine in February!

“It’s a Christmas miracle!” Declared my 3 year old.

“Is it Spring?” Angelina wanted to know.

“Not really. It is a reprieve. I’m sure winter isn’t over.” I told my sun-starved children.

Then I sent them outside to play for the full day, and for the following day as well. Good thing too, our high today was mid 60s; tomorrow the high is mid 30s. At this moment the wind is rising, rain is lashing, and the temperature is plummeting.

It was a short reprieve.

But we had a chance to hear the green humming of a not-too-distant Spring, gathered a handful of ladybugs to sketch in our nature journals, splashed in icy mud puddles, whacked shrubs with sticks, ran, jumped, climbed, and jumped some more.

I didn’t bother capturing many pics, I was too busy ripping out decrepit weed barrier cloth and getting elbow deep in earth as I planned a new garden.

What a lovely way to spend a fleeting sunny day.

Ripping out weed covered weed cloth
By the 2nd day most of the snow was gone and I didn’t even try to get the kids in coats.
It was very difficult to convince the kids they should wear coats when it was a balmy 40 outside
Snow does not stop Angelina from her favorite past time of hitting the hedge. I wrap her legs in plastic bags over sweat pants before putting on snowpants since she prefers to crawl
Heat wave!
There were momentary lulls when I’d find a child or two indoors doing schooly activities
After sunshine and gardening, tea and rain is most welcome
After that glimpse of Spring a happy spring-time babushka needs to happen.

2 comments on “Winter Reprieve | Homeschool

  1. Sounds like where we live! We have had the sunniest, warmest, springiest winter I can remember. Well, up until a few days ago when we got 10+ inches of snow. I think the high today was supposed to be 25.

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