Tulip Embroidered Babushka

After the season for sorrow babushka, it was a delight to work on this commissioned dolly. The request was for a bigger babushka, kid friendly, with blues and yellows, something springy. Spring, gardens, flowers bees, ducklings, and sunshine have been on my mind, so this pleasantly plump babushka came together almost on her own.

Look at her sunshine disposition!

Instead of using only stitches to create her flowers, which is what I do for my typical small babushka, I used felt petals.

The bee was an afterthought addition buy it turned out to bee just what was needed.

I don't usually make the back anything special, but this gorgeous patterned felt begged for embroidery details.

Knowing this babushka will be played with my little children meant I chose sturdy stitches, no French knots for this babushka! But knowing it is for children made me take time to think about ways to add subtle beauty too, things like the gradual transition from green to blue on the side stitching. Details that might be missed by adults if left on didplay on a shelf, but will add that little tiny stitch of extra beauty in the hands of a child who is narrating a story about a little brown haired lady who leads Spring into the garden by planting a handful of knobby bulbs in the damp Autumn days.


The bee was an afterthought addition but I couldn’t bee more pleased with him. I knew this babushka is going to a home full of children, and that the mom is sure to let her kids play with this delightful dollie, so I only included sturdy stitches. No French knots for this baba, no indeed!  Knowing it was for children made me all the more aware of details to add, things like the gradual transition from greens to blues along the anchoring stitches on the edge of the babushka. These sorts of things could easily go unnoticed on a babushka left on a shelf, but with inquisitive eyes absorbing the colors and little fingers tracing the bumpy trail of thread, I’m sure the tiny bits of beauty, even if not fully recognized, will surely add wholesome depth to such a treasure.

A name has completely escaped me for this bringing of Spring. What do you suggest?


7 comments on “Tulip Embroidered Babushka

  1. She’s adorable! This is a great idea and would be so nice for baby showers and the like. Bigger babas that could be cuddled, played with, or just simply displayed on a display shelf! Keepsakes. My own tiny baba is now a doll prop 🙂

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