This morning, dress up, Celtic music, and colorful squigz kept all four kiddos happily occupied for hours.

“Phah!” I hear you say.

“An absolute winkdoodle.” You say.

“It is simply impossible Jeeves,” you claim, “Kids can’t possibly occupy themselves for hours at a time without screens. It just isn’t done.”  I hate to point out that you sound as skeptical as someone’s Aunt Agatha.

But it can be done, and indeed has been done for ages before screens enter the picture, and it happened here today.

Usually sticks and a bit of mud are what fills the bill, but since the mud is currently frozen under yet more snow, today we settled for a more eclectic assortment of play.

The dress up is courtesy of various goodwills, items mostly gathered by aunts (the fun kind of aunt, not the kind who try to marry off insipid nephews to hearty women of firm disposition.)  The sound track was Pandora celtic somethingorother. The squigz are the thing I wanted to tell you about.  *I do not receive compensation for this review; Squigz and Timberdoodle have no idea who I am, nor did I receive a discount for this review*

After we brought Roman and Angelina home and found ourselves homeschooling, my husband requested the Timberdoodle catalog which I mentioned here.  I promised to share some of the items we ordered and here I am, nearly a year and a half later, making good on that promise.  The squigz were ghastly expensive at $49.95 but the occupational therapist in me could not say no to such a versatile therapy play creation.  We were just starting out on the long road for Roman’s multiple therapies.  He gets home visits for occupational, physical, and speech therapy weekly, but he also gets therapy daily from therapist mom.  I was trying to find durable therapy items that would double as actual play for all our kids.  At the same time, my husband and I were trying to intentionally build up a collection of toys that would span ages and see years of creative play.  These suckers nailed it.

My kids do not play with squigz every day, but I’m guessing that is mostly due to the fact that the container of squigz was packed away in an unopened box still hanging out after our move.  Since being rediscovered, they have reclaimed their place as a favorite activity for both individual play and group play.

Impeccably dressed Empress Kitty looks out across her domain at the blue-eyed boy contemplating eternity, the winged Della squashing squigz, and her noble father brushing up on his study.
Ah! Delight in so much color!

In the background, winged Della is snapping and popping two squigz which make slurping and splopping noises. Roman is belly-laughing and clapping his hands at the performance.

Winged Della sets up her own therapy session for her little brother.  How high can Roman reach? She suctions the squigz up higher and higher, ever the optimist. 
Kitty is more of a realist. And a future fashion icon.
Roman is drawn in by a bread crumb trail of squigz. Winged Della has him in the palm of her hand now, he doesn’t even know he is doing therapy time. 
Oh blast! Has he sensed the trap? Will he feign indifference to the colorful, delightfully squishy squigz?

Ah ha! He met his goal (and the OT goal) and reached overhead for object with R dominant hand while supporting self with mild assist with L hand on wall. Pt. maintained constant eye contact with object and successfully transferred object from R to L hand…ooops, I forgot myself there in the thrill of the moment.

One trick to make the squigz suction well is to put just a bit of water on them. They make excellent bath toys too. 
Setting up her next therapy location.
Check out his form in the at half tall kneel! 

Patient Roman now supports himself with his dominant right side while uncharacteristically using his left hand to reach the desired object. He is clearly gaining confidence in his gross motor skills by extending beyond his level of comfort. 

Meanwhile Angelina gathered a cluster of squigz and splopted them onto a flat surface.  She seemed intent on her task and had some sort of vision for her work. “Whatcha making?” I asked:


“I’m making a garden” Angelina answered.  A year ago, with her super concrete thinking, there is no way this girl would have seen a garden in these objects.  It is the best thing in the world to see the garden of her mind taking shape and blossoming. 

6 comments on “Squigz

  1. I am in  awe!  Great pictures and wonderful narrative.  I also like what I can see of your home.  Hugs to all.

  2. So happy to read your posts. Wonderful writer and great pictures of the children. Thrilled to see Roman and Angelina progressing like they are. They are so lucky to have you and Pastor as their loving parents. Look these children so much, butterfly Della and fashion ion Kitty, sweet Angelina and precious Roman. Love you all!!!!!

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