A Slurpingly Urple Hue

Goodness, daylight saving hit us hard today! Kitty was sent to her room to start the day over three times before it was even 9am.  Angelina emerged from her room bleary eyed and disoriented around 9:30.  I was never more grateful for the flexibility of homeschooling as we all shuffled through the wee hours of the morning.

I could sense that if children were left to their own devices it would quickly deteriorate into a nit-picking sort of day.  In order to head off the attitudes, I rallied the troops and dove into arithmetic.  Our very fist day of addition!  Much to everyone’s befuddlement, 0+1 does not equal 2 even though there are two numbers in the equation.  Nor does it equal 11, or 7. In fact 0+1 ALWAYS equals 1. 1+0 also ALWAYS equals 1.

Their minds thoroughly blown, we trudged ever onwards into Core Skills Phonics where Angelina accurately identified both uppercase and loswercase “f” as a consonant.  The little gray cells fed and tickled, it was time for snacks and read aloud.  Today I pulled out Hailstones and Halibut Bones by Mary O’Neill and read “Purple”.  This is one of the books that came with our Simply Classical curriculum and I’ve fallen in love with it.  The stunning illustrations led to mom hauling out the watercolor paints and a pleasant time was had by all painting purples (and other colors).  A dishtowel decorated with birds, the propped page for “Purple”, and a fabric pansy discovered by Della in the snow, all served as the inspiration for the masterpieces of the day.  I sat with the kids, reading more books aloud, and sipping my tea, till I was hit with a few purple verses which I quickly jotted down.

Purple is pleasant and plump and portly.
It is also quite posh, the color of royalty.

Purple says plop, pooh-pooh, and achoo.
(Do purple cows still say moo?)

Purple is Brave Irene’s coat,
And the hull of a boat, no longer afloat.

Purple is the storm-front at sea.
It is drowning and moaning, an obituary.

Purple is a hummingbird’s humming.
It is dewdrops, gumdrops, beetle backs running.

Purple is found between red and blue.
It is a special slurpingly urple sort of hue.

-Hannah Heath

I spy with my little eye, a purple coat.



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