Winter Wind Holds The Heart of Winter In Her Hands

Yesterday, I took to facebook to ask for feedback on a curly haired petite babushka who could become a colorful Easter dolly, or possibly a fabulous retro bathing capped gal.  What direction should I go with her? Friends did not disappoint, I’m now considering white Easter lillies, fluffy bunnies, fish scale swimming suit, a mermaid tail, salon fresh painted finger nails, cupcakes…so many ideas!

But this blog post is not about her.

Della sat beside me while I completely the final few french knots in her hair.

“What should I do next?” I asked her, thinking of what to do next on this particular project.

“Next you should do a beautiful one with long brown hair, a lace scarf, and pink lips!” Della immediately answered. “And she can be mine and she won’t leave in the mail like all the others.”

…okay then.

While I have made countless babushkas for children in other families, I’ve managed to never make a babushka for my own children here in my family. Something easily righted. I handed Della my basket of felt and asked her to design someone on the spot. The rest of the afternoon was spent with sisters comparing color combinations, names, accouterments, and back stories.





May I present Winter Wind, a lady with epic backstory. She holds the heart of winter in her hands, spring cannot come til she has restored it to its ancient home. Perhaps she is a princess in disguise, or a clever woodland herbalist apprentice. She may have a white wolf companion, or a dashing young man who may or may not be her true love. Okay, the young man is the prince in disguise and he is definitely her true love, Winter Wind is a woodland tracker, she hunts wolves, (now the wolves are the ones who stole the heart of winter) and the wolves are evil. Is winter a person? A mountain? A frozen waterfall? Her dress definitely needs glitter. Definitely. Where should the gem stones go -Are they snowflakes, A headdress? Should royal purple be the backing color or maybe a deep blue?


Occasionally Della took over with the stitching, adding details that she could see in her minds eye, but for the most part she was the overseeing designer. I must say I’m quite taken with her eye for colors and her endless creativity. The only time I put my foot down was when she suggested adding MORE glitter to the already glittery white felt.

Winter Wind needs a few finishing touches, but my guess is that by the end of today she will complete and ready to continue on her quest to restore the heart of winter. Here’s hoping she succeeds soon, I’m certainly ready for Spring.




3 comments on “Winter Wind Holds The Heart of Winter In Her Hands

  1. Oh what joy it must be to finally have one of her very own and to be created by her and her very own Mom. One that doesn’t have to leave her like all the rest! What a precious gift

  2. What a beautiful doll and such a sweet name. Della’s imagination is wonderful, lovely colors. You and your girls have a gifted talent to share. Lucky girls to have such a creative Mom to share her gift with her daughters.

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