Babushka Embroidery Kits!

A month or two, or three, or was it four? A while ago, I mentioned I hoped to offer embroidery kits.  And today I’m going for it!

I wasn’t sure how to go about it, but this is the best set up I can manage at the moment, there will likely be adjustments over time as I get feedback from folks.


Babushka Embroidery Kit  ($15 per kit + $3.50 shipping)


How to order:

-Click this link to go to the facebook post where the kit options are listed.

-Look through the 10 design options (pictures and descriptions also shown at the end of this post) and choose the design you want.

– Scroll through pre-cut babushkas and pick the color scheme you like.

– Comment “sold (design name)” under the babushka you want.

-It is okay to comment “sold” under a babushka that already has a “sold” comment, I can make multiple varieties of each color scheme.

-If you see a design you love but don’t see a color scheme to your liking, shoot me a private message for a personalized commissioned color combo!

-I will send you a facebook private message with invoice that can be paid with paypal or check. You can let me know where to send your kit.

-Kits are mailed out on Fridays.


What comes with your kit:

  • All pre-cut felt for face, body, front backing, and back
  • The face already embroidered on
  • All embroidery thread pre-cut and labeled
  • Stuffing
  • Embroidery needle
  • Links to basic embroidery stitches and tutorials

The color combinations for embroidery thread changes depending on what tea I’m drinking, if it’s a foggy day, if Iron & Wine is playing vs Bollywood, but the general feeling for the design you selected remains the same.

Here is an example of a Lettie kit:



The Designs:

Clementine is a small, cheerful lady with a simple design, perfect for hesitant beginners. Her color scheme is bright and happy to match her sunny disposition.  Here are a few examples of what your Clementine could look like (they will be in my more recent babushka shape, not quite so egg-shaped):



Geneva always has curly hair to match her curly thoughts. If you like doing French knots, or really want to practice French knots, this lady is a great fit.  Typically the design on her body follows a more traditional folk embroidery style. Here are a few examples of Geneva:



Esme‘s consistent trait is her heart design. She may have curly or straight hair depending on what you choose to do. Much like Clementine, she is beginner friendly. Here is an example of Esme:



Lettie is one of my favorite designs. Although the stitching looks intricate for a beginner, she comes together beautifully and helps you realize that embroidery isn’t that scary.  She has a green thumb and talks to her chickens.  Here are two examples of Lettie, one was the first kit I ever made:


Flora‘s design can change quite a bit, the main idea is that she always has swirling patterns with leaves and/or hearts worked in somewhere.  I didn’t plan on Flora usually being purple and blue, I guess purple and blue seem swirly? Here are some examples of Flora:


Merida is a fierce ancient princess or an art nouveau felt doll. She has long flowing hair decked in cascading flowers or stars. Here are some examples of Merida:


Miss Alice was inspired by the fields of Lupine I saw flowering in Ukraine and the story of Miss Rumphius, the Lupine Lady.  Miss Alice has traveled the world, wants to live by the sea, and makes the world more beautiful. Here is an example of Miss Alice:



Marie&Tea always has a cup of tea. You can do anything you want with the rest of her design, cool specs, flowing hair, a shawl, curly hair – she pulls off everything with effortless contentment. I wish she was my neighbor; she is a worthwhile friend. Here are some examples of Marie&Tea:



Heather is unique in that she uses cool colors and never yellow.  She lived hague before hague was cool.  I’m pretty sure she knows how to knit, though I’ve never asked her. Here are a few examples of Heather:



Bookclub Jane loves books. She has reading glasses and comes with her own book from thumbprint press. I live in awe of her book collection. Here are some examples of Bookclub Jane:


And here is a quick view of the various pre-cut color schemes I’ve already put together:


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