Our Adoption Journey

In 2016 our family completed the process of adopting two unrelated children with special needs waiting in orphanages in Eastern European.  I blogged about our journey in hopes that it will inspire others to adopt as well.  On this page you will find all the posts related to the our process. Please ask questions, read stories, and follow the links provided for more resources about adoption!  Now that we are home, I continue to document our daily life and talk about the challenges and joys found in post-adoption life.  I hope these stories provide insights and encouragement for families who are considering adoption or who are currently living the post-adoption life.

Angelina-2013-240x300 officialtravis

The Girl In A Hat was the first advocacy post I wrote about Angelina while I was still advocating for her in hopes that her family would find her soon.  After many months of advocating, my husband and I realized that we were ready to be her parents and bring her into our family.

What Father’s Day Means for Her is our adoption announcement.

Lots Of Little Things talks about how after such a momentous decision you have to achieve lots of little milestones before the final flurry of finalizing the adoption.

An Act Of Kindness provides a breakdown of the expenses to try to explain why international adopt is SO EXPENSIVE! I will continue to update this one as we complete various steps of the process.

Sinister Soon is an update about the dreadful possibility that Angelina will be transferred to a different institution before we are able to finalize her adoption.  This does not mean she will be ineligible for adoption, but it will be traumatizing for her and place her in increased risk.  As I mentioned in my first advocacy post for Angelina, it is estimated that over 90% of children with special needs transferred to adult mental institutions die within the first year from abuse and neglect.

Angelina’s T-shirt Fundraiser reveals the two designs my husband and I created for our next fundraiser.  I also share a huge milestone in our adoption and explain a little more about the specifics of her country’s adoption process.

Tall Enough to Ride This Ride – Our smooth sailing adoption process comes to an abrupt stop

life triumphant hurled

An Exercise For My Attitude

New “Fully Funded” Goal

A Prayer Request  – We received devastating news that Angelina has been transferred to a new institution. That is all the information we have at the moment.

The New Orphanage

Puppy Dog Tails and Lemonade Sales 

Praying Psalm 121 Angelina

The Little Big Sister

Special Thanks – Our most recent fundraiser was an online auction. Thanks to everyone who donated!

The Rough Draft – The homestudy is coming together and the Gospel is being proclaimed.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas – BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Here I share what our Christmas looked like this year and our hopes for bringing home TWO children.

We’d All Like To Know More – Adoption is filled with unknowns.

the devil IS in the details – More delays

Tell It With Memes – paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

Not That Post – USCIS approval is pending!  Finally some forward momentum once more!!!

USCIS Approval!

Will It Be On Time?


Done With Phase One

An Adopting Mother’s Dream

Travel Dates. That Just Happened.

Packing Light

Pleasant and Unexpected in which we meet Travis a day early

Facing the Unknown a few musings after spending our first full visit with Travis


The Lookout

Sassafras With An Extra Dash Of Sass

My Strong Father – Angelina’s first father’s day!

Court Dates

Angelina’s Room Reveal

3,318 Days – waiting is hard to do.

Introducing! Our daughter Angelina Lark

The 10 Day Wait – Hanging out in limbo when we are legally adoptive parents but can’t legally take our children from the orphanage.

Naming A Son – Allow me to introduce our son, Roman Leonard

Angels Among Us – Usually a 2 year old child adopted from on orphanage where no family has ever visited comes with a blank slate for past history.  This day we met people who are part of Roman’s life; they are incredible.

Puzzle Pieces – Roman’s story has blown us away.  God has provided for him in unimaginable ways.  I am so grateful we met people who could tell us his story.

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